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Comco PET


Comco PET


Our PET quality plastics


One of the most widespread engineering plastics, Comco PET offers high tensile and mechanical strength, a high level of hardness and good dimensional stability. Thanks to its excellent mechanical properties, it is perfectly suitable for precision mechanical parts. Because of its low friction coefficient, PET is frequently used for parts requiring high wear resistance, such as wear pads, bearings and bushings, wheels and rollers. Its high chemical resistance and low moisture absorption make PET suitable for food-processing applications.


Applications of Comco PET

Suitable for various types of gears, wear pads, guide rollers, bearings and food-processing parts.



  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • High dimensional stability
  • High chemical resistance
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Low thermal expansion


We deliver several different grades of PET, designed for customers with specific engineering requirements.


Our PET grades


Comco PET is available in plates, rods, blanks cut to size and machined parts according to the customer’s drawing. Our standard colour: natural (cream white). Various colours such as black can be produced according to the customer’s requirements.


Your partner for plastics & semi-manufactured products

We are your partner for plastics & semi-manufactured products!
Comco Nylon GmbH looks back on over 30 years of experience in the production of finished parts, semi-manufactured products, monocast parts, pre-cut castings, and custom made polyamide castings in Germany.

Data Sheet

Below you will find our product data sheet with relevant measurements for Comco plastic sheets and round bars:

Data sheet measurements

Find our product range information here: Semi-Manufactured Products | Custom Made

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About Us

With a successful track record reaching back to the early 1980s, Comco has vast experience in the production of standard and tailored semi-finished engineering plastic products, custom-cast parts and finished products for customers in industries ranging from automotive and consumer-goods manufacture to food processing. As diverse as the industries we serve are, our focus is always the same: to utilise the huge potential of cutting-edge engineering plastic technologies to precisely meet each customer’s needs.

Large and small companies all over the world rely on us for swift and flexible service – regardless of whether we are responding to standard orders or special requests. We are specialists in solutions that meet highly individual measurements and technical specifications, even including single castings to suit your specific requirements. 

With production facilities in Austria and Germany, we are well equipped to serve customers worldwide.

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