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Information, data sheets and measurements about our premium plastics.

Comco PA6G

The universal component for common construction parts in the fields of plant construction and machine construction. Comco PA6G possesses excellent antifriction properties and high resistance to gamma and X-radiation.

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Comco POM-C

Our Comco POMC or POM-C is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic, provides major benefits such as good frictional properties, dimensional stability, high mechanical strenght and good machinability.

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Comco PEEK

PEEK provides various advantages, especially its excellent mechanical strength, high chemical and hydrolysis resistance, and high steam and radiation resistance.

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Comco PET

Comco PET is one of the most widespread engineering plastics. Comco PET offers high tensile and mechanical strength, high hardness and good dimensional stability.

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Comco PEI

Comco PEI is a semi-transparent amorphous thermoplastic, offering excellent steam and heat resistance and extraordinary dielectric properties.

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Comco PC

Comco offers a broad range of machinable-grade Polycarbonate sheets and Rods in various different sizes. It is a transparent amorphous thermoplastic, providing high impact strength and high dimensional stability.

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Comco ABS

Comco ABS sheets are perfectly suitable for mocking up prototype designs as their properties fulfill exactly what is required for this application.

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Comco PLAVISTM is a super engineering plastic. Plavis Polyimide has a unique chemical structure and remarkable physical strength, elasticity

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Comco Nylon GmbH looks back on over 30 years of experience in the production of standard semi-finished products, custom made semi-finished products, monocast parts and finished parts using polyamide 6 casting.

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