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In cooperation with the customer, Comco Nylon manufactures individually designed and moulded parts produced as closely to the shape of the finished product as possible. This minimises further cutting and shaping processes, resulting in precise and cost-effective production. Depending on the final use of the product, machining the custom-cast part may not be necessary at all.

Custom-cast parts are produced by means of anionic polymerisation. In addition to the standard formulation in Comco PA6G, further modifications according to your needs are possible.

Your benefits:

  • Minimum storage space required – sometimes none at all
  • Decreased transportation costs
  • Less swarf
  • Lower disposal costs
  • shorter processing times
  • Increased flexibility

Examples of applications can be found in the automotive and heavy machinery industries:

  • Cable pulleys
  • Sheaves
  • Supporting discs
  • Sliding components
  • Gear blanks

Comco Nylon manufactures custom-cast parts up to the weight of 1000 kg per unit.

Please feel free to contact our application engineering department to find out more. We look forward to your special request!

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Comco Nylon GmbH looks back on over 30 years of experience in the production of standard semi-finished products, custom made semi-finished products, monocast parts and finished parts using polyamide 6 casting.

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