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This type filled with glass beads demonstrates increased shape retention, higher rigidity and decreased water absorption, and suits applications at elevated service temperatures. The standard proportion of glass beads is 30%, but it is possible to adjust this amount to the specific needs of the customer. Applications include machine components subject to high stress, carrying rollers, coupling flanges, curved pieces and guidance elements. Comco-PA6G GLASS is available in natural colors and grey.

Colors: natural colors / grey
Round bars / circular blanks: Ø 100 - 2100 mm
Sheets (thickness): 20 - 100 mm
Blocks (thickness): 110 - 500 mm
Pipes / rings: on demand




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Comco Nylon GmbH looks back on over 30 years of experience in the production of standard semi-finished products, custom made semi-finished products, monocast parts and finished parts using polyamide 6 casting.

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